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Until then, check out what happened in at the Florida 2016 event.

1:00PM | Tuesday, January 26

Kevin Kopco

Contact Center Solutions Practice Leader & NW Solutions Architect Manager Windstream Communications

Windstream Communications

1:00PM | Tuesday, January 26

Kevin Kopco is a Contact Center Solutions Practice Leader & NW Solutions Architect Manager for Windstream Communications. He has over 21 years of experience in telecommunications from both the customer and vendor prospective in networking, unified communications, contact centers, and management. His prior background includes various leadership and technical positions at Avaya, Nordstrom, America Online, IBM, CSC, NEW, AdvanTel, Inc., and Dataline. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Salisbury State University and industry certifications from Avaya, ShoreTel, Mitel, Aruba Wireless, Polycom, Palo Alto Networks, AVST, and Brocade.

1:00PM | Tuesday, January 26

Marc Hurlbut

Industry Leading Sales Leader

Windstream Communications

1:00PM | Tuesday, January 26

Marc Hurlbut is an industry leading sales leader with Windstream Communications. He has over 18 years of telecommunications experience focused on helping businesses grow revenue, improve productivity, manage change and minimize risk. He has done this at companies like Alltel, US LEC, PAETEC and now Windstream. Marc is an experienced public speaker/trainer that holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Appalachian State University and currently lives in the Charlotte, NC area. He travels around the country working with Enterprise organizations to help them achieve their business goals.

4:00PM | Tuesday, January 26

Moe Abdula

Vice President, Cloud IBM


4:00PM | Tuesday, January 26

Moe Abdula is one of the enthusiastic leaders of IBM's Cloud portfolio. As Vice President of Cloud Foundation Services Product Management, Moe provides direction for worldwide product development and go to market initiatives across the Cloud portfolio - with special focus on Infrastructure and Hybrid solutions. Moe also leads the business management teams responsible for prioritization of strategic investments.

During the last 15 years, Moe has held numerous development and field roles in IBM Software - most recently as the Director of Tivoli Cloud and Mobility Strategy.

Prior to joining IBM, Moe held a number of research associate roles and lectured on Early Object Oriented computing concepts. Moe attended the University of Leeds in the UK, where he received an honors bachelor's degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering.

Apart from contemplating clouds, Moe has passionate interests in football (soccer) and the unexpected experiences of life his two beautiful children drag him into!

4:30PM | Tuesday, January 26

John Oberon

VP, IoT Software Platforms IoT Systems & Software Group Cisco


4:30PM | Tuesday, January 26

John joins Cisco as Vice President, IoT Software Platforms. John manages the development of platforms that enable developers and solution providers to access Cisco's IoT infrastructure capabilities. John brings over two decades of industry experience delivering complete lifecycle solution frameworks across the software industry, from product design to development and business operations. With expertise in engineering discipline and scale and extensive experience building robust developer communities for software platforms - John will help enable and invigorate the IoT developer community.

IoT Systems and Software is critical to Cisco delivering Infrastructure, network, and platform services for IoT applications and SaaS offerings to run at the extreme edge/fog. The IoT Software application platform offers open APIs and application development environments for customers, partners, and third parties to design, develop, and deploy their innovative solutions.

Before joining Cisco, John was the Chief Architect, General Manager, and Vice President of Engineering at Mashery, an Intel business that is a leader in application programming interface services and governance. John brought Mashery additional focus on balancing business and technology needs and was uniquely skilled to lead Mashery's engineering operations towards an enterprise-grade state that lead to a successful acquisition with Intel.

John spent time at Intuit where he was responsible for the Intuit Partner Platform's infrastructure, data programmability, data correlation analytics, and SaaS solutions for both developers and customers. John also spent twelve years at Microsoft focusing on developer-facing technologies including MSDN, SQL Server, and High Performance Computing. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Chico.

9:00AM | Wednesday, January 27

Ashan Willy

Senior VP, Product Management & Worldwide Systems Engineering Polycom


9:00AM | Wednesday, January 27

Champion of Customer Success

Ashan Willy leads Polycom's team of systems engineers and product managers, who are focused on building and innovating to help customers achieve their business goals. He joined Polycom in 2012 as the Vice President of Worldwide Systems Engineering. In 2013 he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Product Management and Worldwide Systems Engineering.

Ashan is the executive sponsor of the company's Office of Strategy and Technology (OST), a cross-functional team responsible for Polycom's strategic direction. He also manages Polycom's user experience teams.

Ashan's vision is to create innovative solutions that propel Polycom and our customers into the workplace of the future and unleash the power of human collaboration. He is excited by the future and the power collaboration technologies have to address major business challenges. The possibilities are endless.

Ashan has more than 20 years of leadership experience in engineering, worldwide strategy, planning and sales management in the enterprise, service provider, public sector and SMB markets at companies like Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems.

Ashan holds a Master's of Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

9:30AM | Wednesday, January 27

Mark Roberts

Chief Marketing Officer ShoreTel


9:30AM | Wednesday, January 27

Mark Roberts joined ShoreTel in December 2013 as chief marketing officer, bringing 20 years of technology sales, marketing and product management experience. Roberts has spent most of his career at technology companies, holding senior positions at Mitel, NexTraq, Polycom, 3Com and Intel. While the CMO at NexTraq he implemented changes in marketing functions that resulted in a substantial increase in new business coming from marketing activities, and his revamping of product positioning and sales tools contributed to overall business growth.

As ShoreTel's CMO, Roberts leads marketing strategy, product marketing, demand generation, branding and external communications. He holds an MBA in marketing from Leicester University in the United Kingdom.

January 27: 10:00-11:00am | Wednesday

Special Keynote Panel: APIs: The Future of Business

10:00-11:00am | Wednesday, January 27

2016 will see many new technologies flourish much like we have seen with the sharing economy, security and mobile. One of the most important areas of growth will be in APIs or application programming interfaces.

Name any company you've heard of and they are likely exposing the internal workings of their company through an API. Why? Because they absolutely have to. To be more specific, APIs allow the services of company A to be used by developer B to provide an array of enhanced solutions. For example, the Uber API is being used by OpenTable, TripAdvisor and Starbucks to name a few. APIs can be highly disruptive.

This means every business has to pay attention to the new opportunities they are presenting or potentially be displaced. When you realize virtually all markets are opening up to APIs at once, it's fair to say, there really hasn't been an opportunity like this ever before. Considering that apps have low to almost no distribution cost thanks to app stores and the cloud, at the same time, the amount of useful data and programmable functions available to developers is literally skyrocketing. This increases their value asymmetrically.

What this means is - development costs aside, the opportunity to rapidly bring innovative solutions to market, all made possible by the leveraging of new and existing APIs is very inexpensive. Conversely, the right solutions can be immensely lucrative.

Come spend an hour debating with a panel of experts from across the communications ecosystem who will be the winners and losers in the API economy. Be sure you are positioned to make sure your company ends up on the right side!

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